I say this a lot (at least I feel like I do) but I am so thankful to be where I want to be, doing what I want and very close to the life I saw in my head when I was 16.

Not complaining about what’s left to do. Looking forward to it actually

(Me +) Butcher Bear UNMASKED

There would not be as strong of a scene in Austin without Exploded Drawing + Insect Records !

Robert’s Back !

Stoked to be working with Roger Sellers

Some shots from the Exploded Records One Year Anniversary Party

exploded-drawing + dubacademy & friends held it down all day

Flying Lotus // Puppet Talk

Anonymous asked: I love your blog. I've just been scrolling down your page for the last 10 minutes, not to sound like a creep lolol

ha thanks ! d(^_^)o

I drove 450 miles to stay the weekend with you and hang out before I start working + traveling. I don’t see you very often and I was honestly looking forward to a break from downtown, bars and just hanging out like we did.

I now know that was asking too much.

I even suggested going to the gallery to see my friend’s Art show while it was still up. I had already written off my other ideas entirely since you kept building plans ontop of them (not like that’s annoying or anything). And even though we were planning on going, nope. Had to stop by and smoke then miss it. Damn thing closed. Then we ended up going to the one place I didn’t want to go, cause it’s like being on 6th street except with older couples everywhere.

I ended up watching a fucking three hour movie by myself too. Why? You wanted to watch it, then just went to sleep.

You say you know me and yet you still take me to these places. You said “We’ll do a bunch of stuff, stuff you’ll like” and I was dumb enough to think you meant it. You just say things a lot. I’m done with people who just say things.

I love you to death, you will always be my friend, but I’m so upset with you right now.

Austin ! Come say Hi to me at the shop. I’ll be running around chatting with people and slinging records along with soundfounder + the homies !

It’s been one of the raddest things to work in a record store+with music everyday, I love it. Come celebrate our One Year Anniversary with us

***25% off storewide tomorrow as a Thank You <3

Flyer by muh gurl aemro aka averagefro

Shooting laser beams out of my eyes PEW PEW