Black Milk at Weird City Hip Hop Festival

Got some fresh tapes in stock for you. If you see these, they’re available for FREE at the shop for Cassette Store Day . Thanks GRAVEYARD ORBIT for the hook-up ! They’ll be DJ’ing cassettes from 3-7, afterwards we’ll be at Weird City Hip-Hop Festival with Jonwayne + Black Milk !

Roger Sellers //  Waves

Live at the Museum of Human Achievement in Austin, TX

Shooting photos at Weird City Hip-Hop Festival this weekend ! I’ll be paparazzi to my buddies LNS Crew + Exploded Drawing who will be playing along side Dialated peoples, Jean Grae, Black Milk & Jonwayne !

see y’all there !!

Payton Long & Magic B at Sober Up Sunday’s

45th & Duval inside Juiceland; Austin, TX

Museum hopping

Pre-Interview with Lone & his projectionist. Grabbing Koriente before the show

i miss reading things from people. emojis and pictures are fun, but use your words dammit. i want to know what’s on your mind

Title: Flim Artist: Aphex Twin 26 plays

Aphex Twin // Flim

I don’t want to be famous. None of it is appealing.

Being able to make things and dip out to watch the reaction is all there is. Nothing else is more fun.