CHICAGO! exploded-drawing is coming for you. October 24th at the Wesley Kimler Warehouse (2046 Carroll)

Exploded Drawing is an all original electronic music event that consists of a handful of local electronic artists and musicians to share + perform their own music. Sophos Visuals on the eye candy for the evening

My boi & fearless leader of JOINTHESTUDIO samrolfes on the design

hanging out Juiceland !

Exploded Records at Juiceland is giving away a pair of Bonobo Official tickets for his show this Friday at The Mohawk Austin !!! If you live in Austin go to our Facebook page (linked at the top) & share the image for a chance to win. We’ll announce the winner before the show !

Stoked y’all, Bonobo is one of my all-time favorites. Special thanks to the fine peeps over at Transmission Events !


Title: Terrapin Artist: Bonobo 16 plays

Bonobo // Terrapin

Hanging out Exploded Records at JuiceLand til 6ish today, come say hi to me & the gang ! We’ll have some smooth(ie) jamz waiting for you Austin !

Hard Proof are doing a group DJ Set in the shop ! Come by & get down to some tunes from 5-7 at 45 & Duval !

The guys will be here with shirts, tapes + a raffle ! Come on by & enter to win some free ish !

Black Milk at Weird City Hip Hop Festival

Got some fresh tapes in stock for you. If you see these, they’re available for FREE at the shop for Cassette Store Day . Thanks GRAVEYARD ORBIT for the hook-up ! They’ll be DJ’ing cassettes from 3-7, afterwards we’ll be at Weird City Hip-Hop Festival with Jonwayne + Black Milk !

Roger Sellers //  Waves

Live at the Museum of Human Achievement in Austin, TX

Shooting photos at Weird City Hip-Hop Festival this weekend ! I’ll be paparazzi to my buddies LNS Crew + Exploded Drawing who will be playing along side Dialated peoples, Jean Grae, Black Milk & Jonwayne !

see y’all there !!